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Craig Stuart Garfinkle
Emmy Nominated Composer,
and Music Producer

Forest Chase - A traditional huge Gothic orchestra and choir composition, originally commissioned by  The Ant Farm for the SPIDER-MAN III trailer.  Has since been used extensively on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT and AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, and most recently on the trailer for the film, BURIED (written with Simone Benyacar).

Heartbeat of the World - from my CD, Cinematic Trailers 8.

Epicalypse, recently used extensively to promote "LOST."  It was originally commissioned by "The Ant Farm" for the trailer for "LORD OF THE RINGS, RETURN OF THE KING."  Has also been licensed extensively for projects such as the trailers for THE LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS and James Cameron's ALIENS OF THE DEEP (another Simone and Garfinkle special).

Mysterious Traveler - A personal favorite from my CD "Cinematic Trailers 8."

Death for Life - An example of one of my many "Music/Sound design cues" that have been used countless times in film trailers such as ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, THE INVISIBLE, and THE VILLAGE

Harmonic Convergence - Another favorite from Cinematic Trailers 8

Skipping to Paradise One of my lighter cues.  Not all my music heralds the end of the world as we know it, also from Cinematic Trailers 8

HBO - Season's Greeting - Another personal favorite, originally created for "The Ant Farm," as it was used to celebrate the year of HBO.  Also used everywhere from "Oprah" to the trailer for "Sylvia" (also a Simone and Garfinkle special).

A Nuclear Blast - A.K.A., FALLOUT BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL Theme (XBOX GAME)  Music and Lyric by CSG.   A classic love song about nuclear holocaust!  In the game it plays through a charred 1940s Radio.  Also licensed for Dane Cook's "30 Pre-meditated Acts."

Eve of Battle
- A.K.A., "Boss Theme" from BALDUR'S GATE, THE DARK ALLIANCE II.  In all I have composed for over a dozen DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Roll Playing Games.

The Best Things in Life Set You Free - One of my other favorite songs.  I wrote and produced the song to feature my friend, Norwegian pop star, Eric Enzo, on vocals.

James Bond, Quantum of Solace - Just for fun:  Here's the version of the James Bond Theme that I created and performed on guitar for the QUANTUM OF SOLACE video game and trailer (with Simone Benyacar).

The Dawning of a Brighter Day - One final happy cue from the CD I am writing now, "Omega Centauri."

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