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Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Hi Everyone!Craig Stuart
                                Garfinkle, Licensing Library

Have you enjoyed previewing the MP3's on my website?

Are you a filmmaker or advertiser looking for great music to license for your next project?

Are you someone who heard one of my works in a video game or a trailer and would like to have an mp3 of your own?

Or are you just a music fan who appreciates the decades of study it takes to be able to create music for you to enjoy and would like to help support those of us in the arts directly?

To address the needs and desires of all the above, I created a special file for download.

You see, most of the cues you can hear through my website are licensed through third parties.  But in addition to these cues, I  recently put together a collection of 140 of my favorite compositions that I own and control.  To share them with you I have grouped them in folders via genre, tagged them as MP3's for iTunes, and prepared them in one big zip file (edits and alternative mixes are also available for most).

The zip file includes my "hits," such as:

1.  The music I created for trailers such as "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "All Good Things"
2.  Songs like "A Nuclear Blast" from my Dane Cook documentary
3.  The music from the Dane Cook Sufi Montage which has been opening his live show since 2007
4.  Brand new versions of the music from my score to "Baldur's Gate, The Dark Alliance II."
5.  New versions of some my favorite cues from the Dungeons and Dragons games I scored.
6.  New mixes from my Emmy nominated score to "Visions of Arizona."
7.  And many other favorites from my television, commercial and film career.

I've priced the entire collection at $19.99 and made it available through this link - (250 MB, quite a download!):

Or, send me an e-mail telling me a bit about yourself and your project, and I might waive the fee (midiotmsc@earthlink.net).

Thanks again to everyone who has been bugging me to make my music available directly to the public.  Enjoy!


Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Represented by Austin Godsey, Artists Management, 818-506-8344